"Christians are not called to do 
     average works for an average God"

What we Speak About...

Ed Laquidara Ministries specializes in motivational and science programs, all of which are supported by scripture. The presentations can either emphasize on motivation or science as requested. All of our current offerings are recommended for ages 12 and up. For lectures for church congregations, however, we welcome the whole family. Our presentations are available for churches, schools, youth groups, inspirational speaking, coffee houses, field trips, faith retreats, and more. Ed Laquidara Ministries will also consult on and teach custom courses and presentations. A few of our most recent presentations include the following:

Weird By Design

Animals have a lot of weird characteristics. In the same way, every individual is unique by God's design. This talk explains that the things that make each of us "weird" to others are the same things that make us special and unique because each of us have been created by God (Ephesians 2:10). In the same way, even though animals are amazing and have lots of unique characteristics, we are God's Masterpiece!

Who Are You?
Learn to motivate yourself through God and His Word. This lecture series focuses on defining success in God’s terms, being yourself, goal setting, and prosperity using the animals to demonstrate God’s grace and hand in each of our lives. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I approved you.” Jer 1:15.

Evolution Revolution
This lecture focuses in on animals, their adaptations, and science really has to say in the debate over the origin of life. Participants will learn about adaptation versus evolution and irreducible complexity to help form a strong scientific foundation for their belief in creation. This is perfect for those questioning their faith on the basis of science.

From Genesis to Jesus
Learn the truth behind Genesis and the six days of creation. Study the book of Genesis through “The Fall of Man” in depth, and learn what it says about today’s world. Strengthen your faith in the Old Testament by examining Jesus’ confirmation of Genesis, and the importance of the Old Testament as a foundation for the coming of Christ.

Noah’s Ark
This course will use Noah’s Ark as an example of the truth behind even the most radical sounding Bible stories and showing how the Ark points to Salvation and Jesus Christ. Learn the answers to such questions as: “How big was the Ark? Could all of the animals really fit? Do we even know there was a flood?” This story also provides a great opportunity to learn some of the basics of adaptation and how it is a tool of God, not the anti-God.

More Than A Monkey
This lecture demonstrates how it is impossible for humans to have evolved from monkeys and that God has designed us with a purpose and a plan. Several animals will be shown, including lemurs and monkeys.

The Bible Rules and Darwin Drools
The focus of this program dissects the theories presented by Darwin and disproves them using modern updated science which agrees with God’s word. Many animal comparisons are used in this high-impact, fact-based lecture.

Who’s Your Daddy
How do you view God? Is he a punishing, cruel God? Or a loving Father? This presentation is packed full of scripture, true stories, and a few animals to make a more emphatic impact.

Our Ed Laquidara Ministries team is constantly researching and writing new, innovative programs. If you are looking for something specific that is not listed above, please call our main office to discuss different options.

Our science-based presentations are always up-to-date with the most recent research done by our Ed Laquidara Ministries staff. Our staff will not only present their findings with strong evidence, but they will also supply reference handouts for further reading and fact-checking.

Unsung Heroes (Youth)

The Bible is full of Unsung Heroes. In our world today there are many unsung heroes who may not even recognize it. These are people that make life-changing differences in others lives. Are you one of them?

Lighten Up, God Loves You (Youth)

"What if we turned our focus on who we are in Christ, and how much God loves us and what He says about us, rather than try to love God more?"

We've Got The Power

How many people would like to walk in power? Meaning the kind of power we read about in the Bible, because we can. Here we will discuss the power we get from the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Whatcha Thinking

Is your mind and thinking good enough or so you think it could us a little tweak? Are you interested to know Gods will for your life? Would you like to think like God himself and have the mind of Christ?

Everyone's Expecting

Everybody is expecting, but what are you expecting? 


A message  that will show you that you are important and equipped to handle what God wants you to do!

An Encounter With Christ

Based off of the Scripture reading of John 9:1-8.

Other topics... (these topics speak for themselves!)

Answers for Evolutionists

Saved by Grace Through Faith