"Christians are not called to do 
     average works for an average God"

Ed and Brenda LaQuidara Also Offer Non-Animal Based Teachings Such As...

Healing Services

"Peter said to him, 'Aeneas, Jesus Christ heals you! Get up, and roll up your sleeping mat' And he was healed instantly" - Acts 9:34 NLT

Ed and Brenda believe we are not just saved at the cross but we are healed there too! It is part of their calling not only to share the Gospel but to teach others that we have the authority given to us by Jesus Christ that through the Holy Spirit we can be miraculously healed as well.

Through their comedic and down to earth personalities Ed and Brenda, deliver life changing messages on healing, put on their hearts by God. They have studied under Andrew Womack Ministries and are currently serving as the Prayer Pastors at Metro Church in Marlborough, MA.