"Christians are not called to do 
     average works for an average God"

Examiner.com Says:

"Boston-area churchgoers are very fortunate to have in their midst a resource that helps put a different spin on the evolution vs. creationism debate. Ed Laquidara, the founder of Animal Adventures of Bolton, MA., has taken the debate into the pulpits and pews of area congregations through a ministry that not only educates, but also inspires.

His organization, Ed Laquidara Ministries, has a two-fold mission: to bring new people to Christ, and to equip people with both Biblical and scientific knowledge to defend and strengthen their own faith.

How does he do this? By very engaging, inspiring programs that “bring the zoo to you,” that is, to your church. As a guest speaker, he works well with both children and adults; a recent appearance at a church in the northwestern suburbs even drew a number of grownups to the line of those waiting to pet the exotic animals he brings along to illustrate his talks.

That day, his entourage included a huge albino snake; a ring-tailed lemur; an owl; a baby wallaby named “Piglet;” and an alligator. The kids flocked to Laquidara's side to see the animals up-close, and discover what it feels like to touch a reptile.

And, as faith programming goes, Laquidara's presentation is flawless. With a background in crocodilian biology and a PhD in zoology, he certainly has the scientific expertise to know what he's talking about. Add to that, the ability to weave scriptural references into his programs about the animal kingdom, and you have a winning combination. He uses cutting edge science along with doctrinally sound theology to offer a variety of programs, both motivational and science-centered, for a wide range of audiences.

He brings his entertaining, inspiring menagerie to schools, churches, youth groups, coffee houses, field trips, faith retreats, and other settings."

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