"Christians are not called to do 
     average works for an average God"

Church and Youth Group Outings

Ed Laquidara Ministries is excited to offer church and youth group outing at our Bolton facility. 

With ample space and room for groups large and small, you will get up close with some of God's most beautiful creations as well as be inspired with teachings from Pastor Ed. 

Call today to find out what ELM can do for your church and how we can work together to make God's name Great!

Nocturnal Nights

Bring your youth group to us and let us do all the entertaining for you! 
With Nocturnal Nights where the kids can come and witness first hand alligator feedings, giant snake feedings and much more. Once the lights go down, the real beasts emerge, but we don't have to fear them with Jesus on our side. Bring your group for a Nocturnal Night and message from Pastor Ed on why we do not need to fear anything when we are filled with the Holy Spirit. And how having God on our team makes us the favorite every time.