"Christians are not called to do 
     average works for an average God"

Who we are...

Ed Laquidara Ministries has a two-fold mission, which is to bring new people to Jesus Christ and to equip believers with Biblical and scientific knowledge to defend and strengthen their own faith.

Ed Laquidara Ministries employs experienced speakers who are confident and committed to lecturing in an engaged and inspiring manner. Our speakers are well-versed in both the Bible and modern science and are encouraged to develop their own personal presentations and styles. Ed Laquidara Ministries uses cutting edge science along with the word of the Bible in all of our presentations.

Keynote lecturer, Ed Laquidara, has a background in crocodilian biology and a PHD in zoology. Ed and his wife Brenda are head of the children’s ministry at Metro Church, located in Marlborough, MA.

All animals that accompany Ed Laquidara Ministries are from Animal Adventures, New England’s largest exotic animal education company. Animal Adventures provides Ed Laquidara Ministries with over 100 exotic animals for presentations. We feature a diversity of animals including lemurs, crocodiles, wallabies, snakes, a Canadian Lynx, and more.

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